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Monday, May 4, 2015


For years now, I've wanted to write a book. I've never actually been able to come up with any ideas, but the other night, I had this really strange dream, and it just might work. If anybody would like to read my first couple chapters, please let me know. It's only a few, but I'd love your feedback! :)
So, for those of you from Goodreads, please just message me your email, and I'll happily send you them!

Just a brief synopsis of where I'm planning on going with it:

McKenna keeps having a dream. She's been having it for weeks, and it always says the same thing.

The manticore. It’s coming. You must stop them, and only you can. Use your gift, your magic. You’re your family’s only hope. They’ll die without your help.

What do you do when your family is said to be in danger, and what do you do when you had no idea that magic even exists? 

Thanks y'all! :)


  1. It sounds great, the concept is interesting. I'm getting a paranormal vibe, she has the same dreams so she could have dreams about her destiny. I would love to read your first chapters.

    1. Great! Thanks so much! Could you send me your email through the contact form (or Goodreads) so I can send it to you? :)